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Enjoy our delicious Soul food classics made to order on Shebrews Soul  Cart, with tasty grilled tender, juicy, succulent meats combined with grilled fish, fried chicken, Spanish Rice, and Black Beans....Frozen daiquiri's, Margarita's and other delicious party starters!

                                #1- $16

                      Shebrews Soul Plate 

         Grilled Fish/ Grilled Shrimp/Grilled Chicken

         Spanish Rice, Black Beans & Greens

                                      #2 -$16

                                Soul Tacos                    

           Grilled Fish/Grilled Chicken or Shrimp

                     Spanish Rice & Black Beans

                                      #3 - $16

                              Shebrews Rice

  (Stir-Fried Grilled Shrimp, Beef, Rice, and Veggies)

                                     #4 - $15

                             Garlic Noodles 

                     Shrimp or Grilled Chicken

                                        #5 - $12

                          The Mighty Crab Boil

      Mouthwatering crab, shrimp, links, corn...

                         Good to you Desserts

Sweet potato Tartlet $4 or Peach Cobbler Tartlet $4